InClover BioBrilliant Dental Health Shake-On Powder for Dog & Cat Food


A clinically tested, natural alternative to tooth brushing that is enjoyable for animals and their humans. BioBrilliant addresses the root of poor dental health with natural enzymes, anti-bacterials and minerals. This delicious formula contains the highest quality, natural ingredients and is safe for cats and dogs of all life stages.

About The Manufacturer

InClover’s all-natural pet supplements for dogs and cats support the most common pet health concerns. InClover supplements address joint health, dental care, skin & coat, digestive comfort and immunity. Our award-winning pet supplements are scientifically formulated to produce noticeable results in a single container’s use. All of our products are made in the USA using only natural, human-quality ingredients.


Goat milk dried whey, coconut, yucca schidigera, dried kelp, green tea, anise, inulin, papain, dried Aspergillus oryzae fermentation solubles, dried Aspergillus niger fermentation solubles, calcium bentonite.

Directions For Use

Feeding Directions: Sprinkle powder over dry food or mix into moist food.

For dogs: Serve 1 tsp. per day (about 2 “shakes”) for a 30 pound dog (adjust proportionally to size of dog).

For cats: Serve 1/3 tsp. per day for a 10 pound cat.