King Catnip Tote Catnip Cat Toy


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Using only the finest, ethically sourced, organic catnip. King Catnip's Tote Cat Toy is designed to enrich the lives of cats and their owners. All of King Catnip Toys are refillable, thanks to a resealable velcro side.

Product Highlights:

  • High quality catnip filled toy for cats
  • Contains only 100% organic catnip leaves
  • Perfect for encouraging play & activity

About The Manufacturer

King catnip are highly attractive to the majority of cats and this range of fun, colourful and incredibly potent catnip filled toys are no exception. King Catnip for cats contain pure organic catnip which is grown in North American Fields, fed and surrounded by glaciers. These incredible growing conditions ensure that the catnip grown there is of the highest quality and is 100% natural. As the leaves are the most potent part of the plant, these toys are made with only the leaves and contain no additional filling or stuffing; just premium, organic catnip.