RC Pets Step In Cirque Dog Harness


The Step In Cirque Harness was designed with small breeds in mind. This breathable airmesh fabric harness is perfect for nervous dogs and cats as it doesn’t go over their heads. It’s also great for people with reduced hand mobility since it secures with a hook and loop closure!

  • Designed for small dog breeds
  • Two hook and loop closures allow for greater adjustability through the neck and chest
  • Shorter harness length fits a wider range of doggy shapes
  • Perfect for dogs who don’t like things going over their heads
  • Great for guardians with reduced hand mobility
  • Hardware is nickel plated to resist wear
  • Durable and machine washable

About The Manufacturer

Our pet products are all designed to help strengthen the bond between guardian and pet, while looking good and performing superbly under all conditions. How do we do that? Our collars and harnesses are designed to be comfortable for your pet and help both of you feel secure and safe in any situation. Our leashes are strong yet light, allowing quick and distinct communication between you and your pet, enhancing the connection. Our coats will keep your pet dry, warm and happy in rain and snow, helping you get outside with your pet more often. Our products will keep both of you comfortable in any situation, whether you’re walking around the block, out for a car ride, going for a run in the woods, or spending time on the water. We designed it that way; a happier, safer pet equals a happier guardian and a more secure, stronger bond, all around.


Machine wash cold on delicate cycle. Do not wash with Velcro items. Hang to dry. Do not iron, do not bleach, do not dry clean. If needed, presoak in an enzymatic cleaner like Nature's Miracle.


SIZE                                  GIRTH                                        WEIGHT                                            BREED EXAMPLES                                                       
XXS 13 1/2" - 15" 4 - 7 lbs Chihuahua
XS  14 1/2" - 16" 7 - 11 lbs Toy Poodle, Pomeranian
16" - 17 1/2" 10 - 15 lbs Havanese, Maltese
17" - 18 1/2" 15 - 20 lbs Shitzu, Mini Poodle
18" - 20" 20 - 25 lbs Jack Russell, Mini Schnauzer
XL 19 1/2" - 21 1/2" 25 - 30 lbs Shiba Inu, Pug