Remedy+Recovery E-Collars for Dogs & Cats

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Recovery Collars (E-Collars, Cones, Elizabethan Collars- Protective collars)

These light weight, translucent plastic recovery collars are easy for the pet to see through and have multiple adjustments to make it easy to fit your pet's neck. 

The collars have padding on both inside and outside edges for the pet's comfort.  They're easy to clean with a damp cloth or antiseptic spray. Reasonably priced, it save a lot of money if your pet is injured or going to have surgery. They are also good for keeping pets from licking wounds, scratches, hot spots or from itching due to dermatitis or bug bites. Sometimes to keep the pet from itching - or licking medicine off - it's necessary to put a collar on until the problem is healed.

Safe, Economical, Easy For Your Pet to See Through

About The Manufacturer

Cardinal Pet Care is the Company behind Remedy+Recovery and is a Solar Powered Company Devoted to Pets People and The Planet. In adition to our brand promise of Quality, Consistency, and Safety our commitment to the planet includes the environmental directive: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Pre-cycle whenever possible.


Size Neck
Small 5 3/4" - 9 1/2"
Medium 7 1/4" - 12 1/4"
Large 9 1/2" - 15 1/2"
X-Large 12 1/4" - 21"
XX-Large 15 1/4" - 25"