Stink Free

Stink Free Litter Spray Powder Deodorizer

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- Instantly eliminates dirty litter odor - Prevents scoopable litters from sticking to the box & stops litter box contamination - Spray on top of dirty litter to stop odor instantly & form a safe, nontoxic blanket of protection that destroys...

Clean n' Smart

Clean n’ Smart Floor & Counter Cleaner

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Clean n’ Smart Floor and Counter Cleaner is a gentle cleaner, ideal for cleaning mud, dirt, drool and other minor messes from hard surfaces. It features organically grown Spanish rosemary oil and organic geranium oil, which are both great natural...


NaturVet Yard Odor Eliminator Spray

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ELIMINATES ODORS from such places as Dog Runs, Grass, Gravel & Concrete, Patios, and Fences. Yard Odor Eliminator helps eliminate stool and urine odors. Spray on any outdoor surface. For use on grass, plants, shrubs, patios, patio furniture,...

Beco Pets

Beco Pets Non Slip Messy Eaters Pet Placemat

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The easy clean non-slip placemat has a raised rim to catch any spillages. It is made from BPA free durable silicone and is designed to fit our award winning bowls. About The Manufacturer Beco Pets is one of Britain’s biggest manufacture and...


Clean Paws Brown Cat Mat

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Clean Paws Cat Mat is made with super absorbent micro fiber and has a non skid backing to keep in place. The mat can be used as a litter mat by pulling litter off the cat’s paws. Can also be used for food and water dishes. Machine washable or shake...

Natural Touch

Skunked! Laundry Additive Odor Remover

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SKUNKED! Laundry Additive extra strength formula completely removes strong odors caused by skunks. Over 70 essential oils combine together to naturally neutralize odors in clothing, bedding, blankets, etc. About The Manufacturer As a leader in odor...