Kaytee Peanuts for Wild Birds


Kaytee Peanuts provide high levels of fat and protein, which are important to the diets of many backyard birds. High fat for added energyHigh protein to promote growth and good overall...


Kaytee Waste Free Finch Bird Seed Blend


Kaytee Ultra Waste Free Finch Blend offers two of finches' favorite seeds: Nyjer and sunflower chips. This combination attracts more finches than straight Nyjer and the addition of sunflower chips...


Kaytee Nyjer Seed Wild Bird Food

$19.99 - $34.99

Kaytee Nyjer® Seed is the best single grain seed for attracting many varieties of finches and small songbirds with smaller beaks. Nyjer® is a registered trademark of the Wild Bird Feeding...


Kaytee Mealworms Wild Bird Food Treat


Kaytee Mealworms are an excellent, high-protein food source for many wild birds. They are a high-energy treat that will attract many species of birds that are difficult to attract with traditional...


Kaytee Supreme Peanuts for Wild Birds


Kaytee Supreme contains ingredients that are proven successful at attracting a wide variety of wild birds. Birds and other small animals love the rich texture and taste of natural, whole peanuts...


Kaytee Cracked Corn Wild Bird Food


Kaytee Cracked Corn is a high-energy food eaten by many birds and can also attract small animals to the feeding area. Attracts birds including indigo buntings, blue jays, mourning doves and...


Kaytee Suet and Seed Wild Bird Food


Kaytee Suet and Suet Dough are made of high-quality rendered beef tallow that provide birds the energy they need year-round. Suet and Suet Dough easily slip into the Kaytee Feeder Station for...