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Why Acana?

By combining premium animal protein with fruits and vegetables, Acana provides pets with wholesome diets that support long-term health.

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different proteins

Whole Food Nutrition

Includes fresh or raw
protein as the first 2

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ingredients sourced
from trusted suppliers.

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Balanced Diets

Each recipe is balanced
with wholesome fruits
and vegetables.

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Dry Food for Dogs & Cats

By using quality ingredient in their thoughtfully crafted recipes, Acana Dry Food offers protein-rich and nutritious options for dogs and cats at all life stages. Their combination of animal proteins, fruits, vegetables, and botanicals come together to form a biologically appropriate diet that mimics the freshness and variety that pets are meant to eat.

Wet Food for Dogs & Cats

Formulated with the help of animal food scientists and nutritionists, Acana Wet Foods are hydrating, protein-rich options for both dogs and cats. Made with 85% animal protein, these recipes cater to a pet’s cravings for meat with an additional boost of flavor and moisture from bone broth.

Freeze-Dried Food for Dogs

At 90% meat, organ, and bones, Acana Freeze-Dried Foods are an easy and convenient way to introduce pets to a raw diet. By freeze-drying their mixture of animal protein, wholesome produce, and bone broth, these ingredients maintain nutritional integrity and flavor.

The Acana Story

Primal Bone broth with ingredients

Born in the farmlands of Alberta, Canada, Acana is dedicated to creating healthy, bioavailable pet foods with high-quality ingredients with the help of veterinarians and nutritionists. From sourcing ingredients from trusted vendors to how they prepare their foods, Acana works to create positive changes in the pet food industry and the world.

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