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Why Bixbi?

With transparency at the core of their beliefs, Bixbi is proud to let everyone know what goes into their foods and how each ingredient benefits their pet. With a mission to provide the absolute best nutrition, Bixbi only uses high-quality, whole food ingredients from trusted vendors.

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Trusted Sources

Looks first to trusted local
vendors for ingredients.

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USA Made

Located in Boulder, CO,
Bixbi makes all their
foods in the USA.

Different variety of proteins

Protein Packed

Each recipe is made with real
meat and never meat meal.

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Bixbi Products

Dry Food for Dogs & Cats

Bixbi Dry Foods are limited ingredient options that combine whole food nutrition with easy digestion. Using minimally processed real meat, these recipes retain more nutrients while boosting absorption efficiency.

Wet Food for Dogs & Cats

Made with real meat, liver, and broth, Bixbi Wet Foods are a protein-packed and moisture-rich meal for any dog or cat. These foods are perfect as a standalone diet or mixed into existing meals for added hydration and flavor.

Freeze-Dried Food for Dogs & Cats

At 80% - 98% for dogs and 94% - 95% for cats, Bixbi Freeze-Dried Foods offer pets the protein they need with recipes made with real meat, organs, and bone. These limited ingredient recipes deliver flavorful nutrition while also supporting healthy teeth and gums.

Supplements for Dogs & Cats

Holistically support pets with Bixbi Supplements that utilize various mushrooms’ natural healing properties. Each recipe uses a unique blend of different mushrooms to support digestion, skin and coat, immunity, or joint health.

Treats for Dogs

With various textures and flavors for every taste profile, Bixbi Dog Treats are perfect for rewards, training, or just for fun! Chew on meaty jerky, indulge in a few extra low-calorie goodies, or support healthy teeth with breakable dental chews.

The Bixbi Story

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While growing up on a mushroom farm, founder, James Crouch, and his brother learned the importance and benefits of farm fresh foods. With this in mind, they created Bixbi with the mission to give pets the best nutrition possible by using ingredients that can truly impact an animal’s health without compromising transparency.

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