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Committed to creating the highest quality pet products, Earth Animal works hard to ensure that their nutritious foods, treats, and supplements all make a real impact on a pet’s health while also considering what’s best for the environment.

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Every food, treat, and
supplement is
veterinarian formulated.

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Trace every
ingredient back to
its source.

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Earth Conscious

Working toward using
100% eco-friendly
packaging by 2025.

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Earth Animal Products

Air-Dried Food for Dogs

Cooked low and slow, Earth Animal's new Air-Dried Foods combine sustainably sourced proteins and wholesome produce to create nutrient-dense alternatives to kibble for all dogs. By mixing air-dried, dehydrated, and baked ingredients, their Original 3-Part Blend is an easy-to-digest formula made with ingredients that you can see.

Treats for Dogs & Cats

Earth Animal No-Hide Chews and Strips are long lasting, durable, and easily digestible alternatives to traditional rawhides. Made with only 7 ingredients, these treats can help promote healthy teeth and gums for dogs and cats of all sizes.

Remedies & Supplements for Dogs & Cats

Each of Earth Animal Remedies and Supplements are formulated with medicinal herbs that naturally work to support digestion, allergies, pest prevention, and more. Keep pets healthy inside and out with the power of plants, essential oils, and science.

The Earth Animal Story

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Since 1979, Dr. Bob & Susan Goldstein have been pioneers in the field of holistic, integrative veterinary medicine and have always been driven to enhance the lives of dogs and cats. They believe that every day should be filled with wholesome goodness and a whole lot of fun. By combining science with nature, they’ve crafted Earth Animal into a company whose mission is to ensure animals live their healthiest, happiest, love-filled lives every single day.

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