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Why Hill’s Science Diet?

By combining science and preventative healthcare, Hill’s Science Diet works with over 220 veterinarians, food scientists, technicians, and nutritionists to formulate pet foods that cater to your pet’s unique needs.

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Science-Led Nutrition

Conducts ongoing research to
better understand pet health and

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Works with vets, nutritionists,
and food scientists to create
beneficial recipes.



Minimizes manufacturing and
sourcing waste to reduce their
carbon footprint.

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Dry Food for Dogs & Cats

With protein as their very first ingredient, Hill’s Science Diet Dry Foods offer science-based nutrition for pets of all ages and sizes that may benefit digestion and aid healthy skin and coat. Their kibble pieces are designed with different shapes, sizes, and textures to cater to different eating preferences, and their foods include antioxidants that may support healthy immune systems.

Wet Food for Dogs & Cats

Knowing that cats and dogs rely largely on their sense of smell, Hill’s Science Diet Wet Foods are purposefully formulated to have strong aromas to entice pets. These hydrating foods come in different textures like minced, ground, or pâté and can be served alone or mixed into existing diets.

Specialty Foods for Dogs & Cats

Health and diet go hand in hand, and Hill’s Science Diet Functional Foods provide pets with options that target areas of concern like weight, digestion, urinary health, and more. By using high-quality ingredients, each recipe is formulated with precision to give pets the nutrition they need.

The Hill’s Science Diet Story

Two cats eating Hill's Science Cat Food

The world’s first veterinarian-prepared food for managing canine disease was made by Dr. Morris in 1948. Then in 1968, his son, Mark Morris Jr., created Hill’s Science Diet to focus on formulating foods that can help with preventative pet health. With scientific research as the backbone of their work, Hill’s continues to discover and develop innovative foods that benefit pets.