Why Nulo?

Inspired by nutrition and mixed with love, Nulo’s premium pet foods are the perfect building blocks to create your own flavor-filled recipes.

Dog eats kibble as owner pours over Nulo topper

Protein Packed

Full of the animal-based protein that pets need to support health and improve taste.

Low in Carbs

Nulo uses low carbohydrate and low glycemic ingredients.

Patented Probiotic

Healthy digestion and immune health are supported with the GanedenBC30 probiotic.

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Dry Foods for Dogs & Cats

At 75% meat protein, each Nulo Dry Food recipe is formulated with low carb and low glycemic ingredients and boosted with their patented probiotic blend to support healthy digestion and immunity. Their frontrunner line is a budget-friendly option made with ancient grains like oats and millet to support a pet’s unique nutritional needs.

Freeze-Dried Raw Foods for Dogs & Cats

Nulo Freeze-Dried Raw Foods are a simple way to incorporate raw foods into a pet’s diet. Both their cat and dog diets are high protein options at 80% - 87% for dogs and 83% - 90% for cats. In combination with other whole food ingredients, these recipes are perfect as a complete meal or mixed with other foods as a topper.

Wet Foods for Dogs & Cats

Hydrating and flavorful, Nulo Wet Foods are protein packed options that can add moisture to any pet’s diet. With a variety of textures to choose from, from stews to pâté, minced to shredded, even the pickiest pet is bound to find something that suits their palate. Wet foods make for a delicious meal on their own or can be added as a topper to existing meals.

Treats for Dogs & Cats

Meaty, crunchy, puréed, or low calorie, Nulo Treats for Dogs and Cats have options and textures to please every pet. Even though these are treats, they’re formulated with quality ingredients that satisfy an animal’s cravings while also being the perfect pick me up throughout the day.

Toppers for Dogs & Cats

Hydration comes easy with Nulo Bone Broths and Wet Food Pouches. Bone broths can be used to rehydrate freeze-dried recipes or poured over any meal for extra moisture and flavor. As a high-protein option, the pouches are an excellent option for pets that love a meaty topper to their typical meals.

Supplements for Dogs & Cats

Target specific health problems with Nulo Supplements that help support digestion, calming, skin and coat, immunity, and mobility. Their Omega 3-6-8 Oil and soft chews are made with functional ingredients naturally rich in omega fatty acids, probiotics, or antioxidants.

The Nulo Story

Dog and owner play in river

As an animal lover and a former biomedical engineer, Nulo’s founder, Michael Landa, realized that low-quality pet foods were the cause of increased rates of overweight and diabetic pets in the world. With a drive to create better food options for all animals, Michael began working with animal nutritionists, vets, and food formulators to devise a plan to make nutritious pet foods that give animals what they need: high meat protein.

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