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Why Nutrisource?

NutriSource takes pride in the high-quality ingredients they source from trusted vendors and local growers to formulate their nutrient-dense and easily digestible foods. Their PureVita line offers limited ingredient, solution-based diets that are great for pets with sensitivities.

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Proudly made and manufactured in Perham, MN since 1964.

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Good 4 Life

Their proprietary blend of prebiotics, probiotics, and minerals helps support gut health and more.

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Each ingredient is carefully chosen and processed at low temperatures for maximum nutrition.

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Nutrisource Products

NutriSource Dry Food for Dogs & Cats

Formulated with their Good 4 Life blend, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and ingredients that promote heart heath, NutriSource Dry Foods offer both grain-free and grain-inclusive recipes for dogs and cats. Each nutrient-dense option is easily digestible, making it easier for pets to absorb nutrients from their food.

NutriSource Wet Food for Dogs & Cats

Hydrating and low in carbohydrates, NutriSource Wet Foods are protein dense options that give dogs and cats the meat they need. By incorporating their Good 4 Life blend, vitamins, and minerals into every recipe, these wet foods can help support digestion, brain health, and overall wellbeing. These flavorful foods are a complete diet that can also be used as a topper for existing meals.

PureVita Dry Food for Dogs & Cats

As part of NutriSource’s limited ingredient line, PureVita Dry Food offers single-protein, solution-focused diets for both dogs and cats. These grain-free and grain-inclusive recipes are a wonderful choice to pets with food sensitivities or sensitive stomachs, and the addition of their Good 4 Life blend increases digestibility as well.

PureVita Wet Food for Dogs & Cats

Made with limited ingredients and single source protein, PureVita Wet Foods are protein packed and give a boost of hydration with broth. By adding their Good 4 Life blend, these foods can promote healthy skin and coat, nutrient absorption, and gut health. These wet foods can be fed on their own or mixed into dry foods for additional moisture.

The Nutrisource Story

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As a third-generation, family-owned company, Nutrisource takes pride in manufacturing their foods in Perham, MN where they’ve been producing healthy pet foods since 1964. Guided by their compassion, integrity, and deep connection to community, NutriSource works side by side with vendors and growers they have real relationships with to source high-quality ingredients for their nutrient-dense and digestible foods.

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