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Why Orijen?

To help pets reach their full potential, Orijen strives to create biologically appropriate diets for pets with protein-rich recipes that use fresh or raw animal ingredients and a combination of high-quality fruits, vegetables, and botanicals.

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Biologically Appropriate Diets

Made with ingredients that
mimic what animals would
naturally eat.

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Whole Prey Nutrition

Incorporates meats,
organs, and bones into
each recipe.


Formulated by Experts

Researched and developed
by a team of nutritionists,
vets, and microbiologists.

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Dry Food for Dogs & Cats

With the first 5 ingredients made up of fresh or raw animal protein, Orijen Dry Foods are protein-rich options that come in both grain-inclusive and grain-free recipes. In addition to ingredients like organs and bones, these diets also include prebiotics and probiotics to promote gut health.

Wet Food for Dogs & Cats

Formulated to be 95% protein, Orijen Wet Foods are a moisture-rich combination of bone broth, meat, organs, and bone. These biologically appropriate diets keep pets hydrated while fulfilling their need for animal protein.

The Orijen Story

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With the goal to nourish pets from the inside out, Orijen has been creating biologically appropriate diets for over thirty years. By working with a curated group of supplies for ingredients, developing recipes with experts, and crafting their foods in state-of-the-art kitchens, Orijen creates nutritious foods that help pets thrive throughout their lives.

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