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Why Primal?

Based in California, Primal helps your pets get in touch
with their instincts. Using high-quality and ethically
sourced ingredients, Primal works to elevate your
pet’s health through species appropriate nutrition.

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Ethically Sourced

Building relationships with humane,
sustainable, and responsible vendors.

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High-Quality Ingredients

Made with antibiotic-free
and steroid-free meat and certified
organic fruits and vegetables.

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Safety Tested

All products must test negative
for harmful bacteria before sale.

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Primal Products

Raw Frozen Food

Primal’s Raw Frozen formulas offer complete and balanced, moisture-rich nutrition. Made with a wide variety of quality proteins, organic produce, and unrefined supplements, these biologically appropriate Balanced Bases offer naturally occurring vitamins and minerals to support your pet’s health.


Formulated with fresh protein and organic produce, Primal’s Freeze-Dried Foods are a complete and balanced diet for your pets. These foods are shelf-stable – just portion and rehydrate to feed.

Raw Toppers

Nutrient-rich and delicious, Primal’s Raw Toppers and Goat’s Milk are easy ways to add vitamins and minerals to your pet’s routine. Raw Toppers are made with fresh proteins and include bone as a natural source of calcium, while Goat’s Milk helps support energy, the urinary tract, and digestion.

Fresh Toppers

Crafted with functional food ingredients, Primal’s Fresh Toppers target digestion, immunity, or joint health. Add Fresh Toppers to your pet’s meals—or as a healthy treat—to enhance their lifestyle.

Bone Broth

Suitable for dogs and cats, Primal’s Bone Broths add extra moisture and nutrients to help support joint health, liver health, and digestion. Made with slowly simmered animal bones, these broths contain gelatin that helps maintain healthy guts and intestines.


Formulated with real food inclusions and responsibly sourced meats, Primal Treats offer a variety of flavors, textures, and benefits with their limited ingredient recipes. These snacks are great as a nutritious reward or as a training treat!

Raw Frozen Bones

Long lasting and mentally stimulating, Primal’s Raw Frozen Bones are a natural source of calcium and can enhance a meal or be fed as a treat. Give your pets something to chew on that helps exercise jaws, massage gums, and clean their teeth.

The Primal Story

Primal logo

When Matt Koss discovered that his dog, Luna, was showing early signs of renal failure, he switched her to a diet based on bones and raw food. This diet is known as biologically appropriate raw food and reflects how animals would eat in the wild. After switching Luna’s diet, Matt realized that her energy levels and overall happiness had increased. Seeing how drastically a raw diet helped her, Matt decided to create Primal to help other pet parents improve their pets’ lives.

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