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Why Primal?

Based in California, Primal helps your pets get in touch with their instincts. Using high-quality and ethically sourced ingredients, these recipes elevate your pet’s health through species appropriate nutrition.

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Ethically Sourced

Building relationships with
humane, sustainable, and
responsible vendors.


High Quality Ingredients

Made with whole muscle meat,
organs, and bones.

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U.S.A. Made

Primal products are proudly made
in California!

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Raw Frozen Food for Dogs & Cats

Formulated with a variety of quality proteins, organic produce, and unrefined supplements, Primal Raw Frozen Foods are biologically appropriate diets that offer naturally occurring vitamins and minerals for cats and dogs.

Raw Freeze-Dried for Dogs & Cats

Primal Raw Freeze-Dried Foods offer pets convenient whole food nutrition without taking up any fridge space. These shelf stable recipes are made with fresh protein and organic produce. Just portion and rehydrate to feed.

Toppers & Sides for Dogs & Cats

Nutrient-rich and delicious, Primal Toppers and Sides add flavor and nutrition to existing diets. Crafted with quality proteins and functional ingredients, these mealtime additions can boost hydration, increase protein intake, or even help entice picky pets.

Bones & Treats for Dogs & Cats

With a variety of flavors, textures, and benefits, Primal Bones & Treats are delicious rewards that can be used for training, enrichment, or just as a tasty snack.

Kibble in the Raw for Dogs

Formulated to nourish like raw and serve like kibble, Primal Kibble in the Raw recipes are an innovative take on biologically appropriate diets. Each ingredient is prepared individually to ensure optimal digestibility, cold pressed into bite-sized pieces, and freeze-dried to preserve nutrients.

Hemp Supplements for Dogs & Cats

Made from organically grown hemp, these supplements utilize CBG oil to aid digestive, urinary, and brain function in pets. These supplements promote relaxation and come with a marked dropper that makes dosing simple.

The Primal Story

Primal Bone broth with ingredients

When Matt Koss discovered that his dog, Luna, was showing early signs of renal failure, he switched her to a diet based on bones and raw food. This diet is known as biologically appropriate raw food and reflects how animals would eat in the wild. After switching Luna’s diet, Matt realized that her energy levels and overall happiness had increased. Seeing how drastically a raw diet helped her, Matt decided to create Primal to help other pet parents improve their pets’ lives.

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