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Why Tucker's?

Tucker’s is a homespun family business that operates under the simple motto: “We Love Pets!” Dedicated to creating innovative and nutritious products for pets, they make their foods in an USDA Human Edible Facility and only use humanely sourced ingredients.

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Family Owned

Family owned and operated
in Wisconsin since 2009

different meat proteins

Protein Rich

95% meat, organ, bone, and
marrow plus 5% pumpkin for
a nutrient-dense diet


Highly Digestible

Formulated and blended for
maximum nutrient absorption

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Raw Frozen Dog Food

Formulated to be a complete and balanced diet for dogs at all life stages, Tucker’s Raw Frozen Dog Foods are protein-packed with 95% meat, organ, bone, and marrow. And to help support digestion, each recipe is made up of 5% pumpkin.

Raw Frozen Cat Food

Made with limited ingredients and novel proteins, these Raw Frozen Cat Foods offer a complete and balanced meal for cats at any age. Their feline recipes go through high pressure processing to ensure that they are free of pathogens and harmful bacteria.

Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food

Tucker’s Freeze-Dried Raw recipes are made with USA- sourced meats and can be used as a complete meal, treat, or as a topper to your pet’s usual diet. Unlike their frozen diets, these don’t need to be kept in the freezer, so they’re convenient for travel.

Raw Frozen Bones

Naturally rich in calcium and phosphorus, Tucker’s Raw Frozen Bones keep dogs mentally stimulated and busy. Available in beef, lamb, and bison options, these bones come in a variety of sizes for all dogs to gnaw on.

The Tucker's Story

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In 2009, a family-owned business called Tucker’s opened shop in the back of a truck, offering handmade pet foods. Fast forward a few years, and they’re now operating out of their own USDA facility in Wisconsin to create safe raw nutrition for dogs and cats. Using USA, human grade meats and sourcing ingredients from local farms, Tucker’s is committed to making sure that your family’s pets are being fed a high-quality diet.

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