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Our local rescues and shelters are changing the lives of countless animals who are still searching for their forever homes. Your donation can help these organizations keep their doors open, and make sure more pets – pets just like yours – find a permanent home.


Enjoy Your Photoshoot

Once your donation is verified, we'll set up a professional photoshoot with an experienced pet photographer trained in capturing the heart and soul of pets.


Show Off Your Pet

You choose the image, and we print a large, high-quality poster for display in your chosen PFE location. You get to see your pet on display every time you shop with us!

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Why we do it:

It’s important to Pet Food Express to call attention to the needs of these non-profits, while also saying “kudos” to those who have made donations, and one big way for us to do that is through our My Mutt posters. When you donate money (and let us know about it) we will celebrate your gift with a My Mutt poster of your pet displayed in one of our stores.

Despite its My Mutt name, any animal can appear on a poster: dogs, cats, hamsters, horses, birds – you name it! And of course, purebreds are included as well. Those who donate $250 or more are guaranteed to see their poster displayed in the store for six months, and for a donation of $500 or more, the image is guaranteed to be up in the store for at least one year. Multiple pets – whether photographed individually or together – are treated as distinctive My Mutts, each requiring its own donation. (Therefore a poster picturing two pets up in the stores for six months would require a $500 donation.) Donations must be within the twelve months preceding the My Mutt application and must be in addition to adoption fees if the donation is occurring at the time of pet adoption. Your donation should be sent directly to the organization that you are supporting, not Pet Food Express. We just need proof of your donation via a receipt. While we will do our very best (we really will!) to place your poster in the best location possible, we unfortunately cannot guarantee store location or placement inside or outside of your assigned store. New posters will no longer be placed in the outward-facing windows of any store.

How it works:

Donate $250 or more to a non-profit, animal-focused organization of your choice. Fill out the online information form and email, fax, or upload a copy of your donation receipt from the shelter or rescue. One of our professional pet photographers will call to arrange a photo shoot of your adorable pet. You choose the image, and we print a large, high-quality poster on UV-protected Sintra board. Once it’s on display in the store of your choosing, you get to see your pet every time you shop for food and supplies. (Next time you are in one of our stores, you can check out all the wonderful pictures of people’s pets on the walls and in the windows.)