Capstar Oral Flea Treatment for Cats 2-25 lbs



Don’t let a few fleas turn into an infestation. Treat all your cats with fast-acting Capstar and start killing adult fleas in just 30 minutes. The oral tablet is so fast and effective, you can literally see the dead fleas fall off your pet*.

*Capstar starts killing fleas within 30 minutes and achieves greater than 90% effectiveness against adult fleas within 6 hours for cats.
Always read, understand and follow the label and use directions.

About The Manufacturer

PetIQ is founded with a love of pets and a desire to improve pet lives with veterinarian recommended pet products, made here in the USA.  PetIQ offers pet prescription medications, over-the-counter flea & tick preventatives, health & wellness supplements, and dog & cat treats - at savings to other brand name alternatives.