Catit Pixi Mouse Treat Dispenser Interactive Cat Toy


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White mouse-shaped Catit PIXI Treat Dispenser has a real sweetness about it, and your cat will definitely agree as soon as these little critters are filled with some yummy treats. Our feline friends will always be predators at heart, and even the fluffiest couch potatoes among cats have a healthy hunting instinct. The Catit PIXI Treat Dispenser has openings in its transparent body through which your cat can smell the treats inside, enticing them to try and win those delicious goodies.

Product Highlights:

  • Self-righting treat toy.
  • Compatible with cat treats or dry food of up to 9mm (0.4″) in diameter.
  • With slider to adjust difficulty.

About The Manufacturer

Founded by Rolf C. Hagen in 1955, Hagen has grown to become the world's largest privately-owned, multi-national pet products manufacturer and distributor. They are driven by a common bond of love and compassion for animals. Underlying their entire philosophy is one simple and immutable fact: "Pets are not only the heart of their business, they are the reason we are in business".


One Size  3.2" x 3.2"


Twist off the top to insert cat treats or dry food of up to 9mm (0.04 inch). Move the slider to make it more of less challenging for you cat.


1. Ensure that the toy is suitable for the size of your pet.
2. Play with toys of any kind should be done under supervision.
3. If you see visible deterioration of this or any toy, remove it from the pet.
4. This toy is not intended for use by children.
5. Ensure that the appliance is placed on a flat, even surface.
6. Do not use this unit outdoors. This unit is for indoor use only.