HuggleKats Ma-Cat-a-Roonies Plush Cat Toys, 3-Pack


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The new HuggleKats are thoughtfully designed for how cats play - swatting, hunting and interacting! Now HuggleKats® toys cover every cat's play style - like these fun and fabulous Ma-Cat-a-Roonies, equipped with catnip to arouse kitty’s feel-good senses. Some cats love to run around and chase things! Usually this mean a cat enjoys swat play. Swat play involves small toys that move around easily upon a swat of a paw! 

Product Highlights:

  • Equipped with catnip to arouse kitty’s feel-good senses
  • Swat play involves small toys that move around easily upon a swat of a paw

About The Manufacturer

HuggleHounds® is the most unique, design-driven and highly-styled line of pet products available. Their product innovation, material technology and durability set them apart from all others. As company founders, Julie Krauss and Bob Flynn have over 50+ combined years of experience in the pet industry, and when they looked for fun, long-lasting toys for their own dogs, they instinctively knew something was missing from the market: design-driven, highly-styled pet products combining the greatest material technology while providing maximum durability for hours and hours of fun, safe play.  HuggleHounds was born!


 Size:  Dimensions: 
One Size 2.5" x 2.5" x 8.25"




Each pack includes 3 Ma-Cat-a-Roonies Plush Cat Toys.


No toy is indestructible. This is not a chew toy . Always supervise play. Do not allow your pet to bite of or swallow oieces of toy . Inspect before play and remove or replace if any part is loose , separated , worn or broken . Call a vet right away if you think your pet has swallowed any part of this toy .