San Francisco Bay Brand Freeze Dried Bloodworms Fish Food


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Irresistible to freshwater fish! Your discus, eels, bettas, loaches and other community freshwater fish will thrive on this primary food choice for community tanks. The Bloodworms are collected daily, thoroughly cleaned, frozen and freeze dried to retain all their natural food values. They provide the essential nutrients to maintain high energy levels and vigor in your fish.

Blood worms are recommended for many freshwater fish, including cichlids, discus, angels, gouramis, platys, guppies, tetras, barbs, bettas, and more.

About The Manufacturer

From our predecessors, Steinhart Aquarium, in 1934, our goal to provide the most nutritious diets available that are closest to each species natural diet has been dramatically borne out. San Francisco Bay Brand aquarium fish foods are the favorite, savory foods from their natural environment. Equally important, each wholesome product provides all the essential nutrients that are so vital to fish growth and good health. SFBB now has worldwide distribution for our product lines of Brine Shrimp, Natural Formulated Diets, Single Ingredient Diets, Dry Diets, Brine Shrimp Eggs, and Seaweed Salad. We will continue to provide research to develop new diets to enhance the lives of each aquatic pet and the hobbyist.


Blood worms (red mosquito larvae) (Single ingredient food)

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein: 53.6% min.
Crude fat: 3.2% min.
Crude fiber: 6% min.
Moisture: 10.7% max.
Ash: 20% max.
Phosphorus: 1.2% min.

Feeding Instructions

Feed twice daily, but only what your fish will consume in 3 minutes. Remove any uneaten food from your tank.

Safety Note

Bloodworms are a natural product that may cause an allergic reaction in some people.