SmartCat All Natural Clumping Cat Litter

$12.99 - $36.99

Smart Cat All-Natural Clumping Litter is a chemical-free, biodegradable cat litter made from 100% USA farmed grass. The grass forms strong clumps for easy removal and is soft on the paws. This fragrance-free cat litter is also dust-free, keeping your home clean and fresh.

About The Manufacturer

In the late 1990’s Betsy Lipscomb, a cat behaviorist, cat lover and founder of Pioneer Pet/SmartCat understood that people surrendered their cats to shelters because they didn’t know how to change unwanted behaviors. Cat owners were unhappy with cats using furniture and carpets to do what came natural to them –scratching.

Betsy began gathering wooden fence posts from her farm in Wisconsin. She wrapped them in sisal rope and mounted them on sturdy wood bases. Her sole purpose of making these posts was to send them to pet parents who needed help with scratching behaviors. People were amazed to learn that the scratching post solved their problems. These posts became vastly popular and soon Betsy was making up to 50 a month by hand.

Betsy decided that she wanted to start a company whose sole mission was to enhance our pets’ quality of life, by providing for their behavioral needs.