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The Original Scratch Lounge Cat Scratcher

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Scratch Lounge Classic goes beyond your standard one sided cat scratcher. The three sided scratching surface satisfies your cats natural need to nest and will last longer than traditional scratchers. It is made with reversible, super-dense honeycomb pads that will last up to 10 times longer than other scratchers, keeping your furniture safe from claws. Each Scratch Lounge also comes with a bag of catnip to infuse into your Scratch Lounge making it absolutely irresistible to your feline. 

  • The Original Scratch Lounge is the first 3-sided cat scratcher that your cat can use as both a scratch post and a place to lounge, sleep and nest.
  • Scratch Lounge cat scratcher comes with a reversible cardboard lounge scratch pad and catnip. Measures approximately 21" x 13"
  • The super dense honeycomb construction of the scratch pad and sides makes The Original Scratch Lounge last longer than other scratchers.
  • Corrugated cardboard is the best material for scratching-- it is 100% recyclable and contains no harmful materials.

About The Manufacturer

Long, long ago, before they were pets, kitties lived in burrows. In a wild and hostile world, the burrow provided a safe and cozy refuge for the prehistoric kitty.

Like their ancestors from olden times, our kitties still love to snuggle up in small, enclosed spaces. Ever notice how kitties love to sit inside cardboard boxes? Put vertical and horizontal cardboard scratch surfaces in a small, enclosed space that they can spring their paws against and you've got an environment that satisfies a wide range of instinctual needs of today's busy kitties. 

The SCRATCH LOUNGE will last far longer than other scratchers because of the reversible super-dense honeycomb construction of the pads. The design is so unique, it was issued a U.S. utility patent!SCRATCH LOUNGE even prevents cats from damaging furniture! They enjoy the SCRATCH LOUNGE one hundred times longer than any conventional one-sided scratcher. That's more time on a SCRATCH LOUNGE and less time on your couch!