Pet Food Express employees in red shirts at Bay Area Pet Fair booth

Force For Good

Caring about pets isn't an afterthought or a gimmick - it's at the heart of who we are as a company.


Finding Forever Homes

We are the proud hosts of the Bay Area Pet Fair, the largest animal adoption event in North America. We also host weekly adoption events in almost all of our stores. We help find forever homes for 23,000+ animals a year.



Rescue + Shelter Support

Through our 20/20 program, we donate $20 for every animal adopted out from local shelters and rescue groups. We donate returned products to local animal rescue groups and our stores host 2 rescue fundraisers per year.



Community Involvement

We use our power to advocate for the pet community, from protecting off-leash dog parks to lobbying state legislators to support bills that protect pets. We are community leaders for disaster response, especially for fires.

Annual Events