Feliway Cat Classic Calming Pheromone Spray


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FELIWAY Classic is a drug free solution that helps reduce signs of stress in cats such as scratching, urine spraying, hiding, home changes. FELIWAY is Vet Recommended and the #1 selling soltion; 92% of Cat Owners are satisfied after using FELIWAY Classic.

9 of 10 cats show improvement in urine spraying (data on file)

Starter kit includes 1 diffuser head and 1 vial.

About The Manufacturer

FELIWAY Optimum is a new pheromone discovery, and the best FELIWAY answer to reduce the most common signs of stress in cats such as: scratching, urine spraying, tension and conflicts between cats, fears, and reactions to changes.


Feline facial pheromone (F3) analog, 10%


Convenient for targeted management of the areas marked by your cat with urine or scratching in your home. Clean the areas marked by your cat, then spray directly on the spots. Re-spray daily to reduce the likelihood of re-marking. To help comfort cats while traveling or going to the vet, simply spray directly inside your cat’s carrier or basket (in each corner, on the floor and the ceiling), 15 minutes prior to introducing the cat. Each 60 mL bottle delivers about 400 sprays for 50 applications (+/- 8 sprays per application).