Healers Medical Booties Boxset for Dogs

$34.99 - $39.99


Healers Medical Dog Boots are designed as a medical aid for your pets allergy and injured stricken paws. It enables an owner to easily put the dog bootie on and off the sore or injured paw. The Healers custom non-adherent, triple layer gauze inserts fits the interior of the dog bootie and acts as a bandage to absorb moisture and allows owner to apply medicine if needed. Adhesive backing on the gauze pads keep the gauze in place. Nonstick, rubber pad sole provides better traction on indoor and outdoor terrains.

Healers boots are like your slippers. They are soft and comfortable, perfect for around the house and light outdoor use. The sole is sturdy but not designed for heavy outdoor walking. Purchase Urban Walkers for extensive walking on hard surfaces like cement or asphalt. Urban Walkers is like your own tennis shoes.

What's Included

1 Pair (2 booties) of Healers Medical Boots and 2 Gauze Pad Inserts. 

About The Manufacturer

Founded in 2010, Healers manufactures and engineers innovated pet products to keep your pet healthy and safe. All products are made in the USA.

Size Chart

How to measure?

The best way to measure is draw your pets paw on a peice of paper and measure the width at the widest point.


Booties are sold in pairs with two gauze inserts for each bootie.
Size Paw Width Breed Sample Colors
XL 3 7/8" Mastiff, St. Bernard Blue
L 3 1/8" German Shepherd Blue
M 2 5/8" Labs, Hounds, Spaniels Blue
S 2 1/8" Pugs, Pit Bulls Blue
XS 1 5/8" Toys, Terriers Blue

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