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Herbsmith Kidney Care Renal Support for Dogs & Cats

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KIDNEY QI REFUEL Renal Support for Dogs & Cats The kidneys are filtration systems tasked with conserving minerals, controlling pH levels, and, most importantly, eliminating waste products. Kidney health requires proper renal circulation, fluid balance, and regular waste elimination. Kidney Care supports normal kidney function, detoxification, and fluid balance. Using the purest, highest-quality herbs, Kidney Care works synergistically to support normal renal function and health of the kidneys.

Use Kidney Care for: Detoxification, Kidney Health, Fluid Balance, Aging Cats & Dogs, and Health & Vitality.

Product Highlights:

  • A synergistic blend of traditional Chinese herbs, including Rehmannia Root, fortifies kidney function, including fluid and electrolyte balance, and helps maintain healthy renal blood flow and normal detoxification processes.
  • Safe and gentle herbs with no inactive ingredients, synthetics, or binders.
  • A crucial addition to the CKD dog's bowl.

About The Manufacturer

Founded and operated by holistic veterinarian, Dr. Chris Bessent, Herbsmith is committed to inspiring a lifetime of health and wellness through holistic supplements for dogs and cats. We believe every dog and cat should live long, healthy lives.

Nutritional Information


Proprietary blend of (Rehmannia root prepared, cornus fruit, dioscoria root, poria, moutan root bark, alisma, flax) – 750 mg. 

per scoop (¼ tsp).

Directions for Use

Feeding Instructions: Administer the recommended dosage below and mix with food.


Weight (lbs.)Amount Per Day
Up to 3.75 lbs 1/16 tsp twice a day
4 - 7.5 lbs ⅛ tsp twice a day
8 - 14 lbs ¼ tsp twice a day
15 - 30 lbs ½ tsp twice a day
31 - 80 lbs 1 tsp twice a day
81 - 120 lbs 1½ tsps twice a day
Over 120 lbs 2 tsps twice a day


Weight (lbs.)Amount Per Day
All sized cats

¼ tsp twice a day

Cautions: If the animal's condition worsens or does not improve, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian. Not for use within 48 hours of surgery or anesthesia. Not to be used if pregnant. Prolonged use may cause GI irritation. Not to be used with diarrhea.