PoochPad Indoor Turf Dog Potty Replacement Pee Pad


The PoochPad Indoor Dog Potty Replacement Pee Pad is an extra absorbent pad for use in PoochPad connectable indoor dog potties. It features built-in odor control and can be used while laundering soiled pee pads. It's great for potty training ad is super absorbent and leak proof. For larger dog potties, it includes connectable snaps to ensure there are no gaps in absorbency in your dog's potty area.

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About The Manufacturer

Our goal at PoochPad is to provide products that are beneficial for pets and their families! We know that nothing says “Welcome home!” like a pet does and because of that, we are passionate about creating products that make pet-comfy environments a reality everywhere. With potty pads that you can use on any surface (floors, furniture, beds, kennels, crates, and in cars) we strive to help “dogs that are going places.” Our extensive market research has driven us in the creation of patent-protected products that can revolutionize pet care in places where outdoor access is limited, making life easier on pet owners and more comfortable for their cherished pets!

At PoochPad, we care about creating a world in which coexisting with our beloved pets is easier and eco-friendly. For that reason, a large majority of our products are reusable. We believe that being mindful of our environment is a critical element of our effort to reduce waste that negatively impacts the earth.

Helping us reach that goal are our dedicated staff and the inspired members of our client community. Working together, we can help our pets go places in comfortable and eco-friendly style!


This pad is 24" x 16"