Stink Free Litter Spray Powder Deodorizer


- Instantly eliminates dirty litter odor
- Prevents scoopable litters from sticking to the box & stops litter box contamination
- Spray on top of dirty litter to stop odor instantly & form a safe, nontoxic blanket of protection that destroys odor.
- Shake well before using to mix powder

About The Manufacturer

Stink Free products have withstood the test of time. Our mission is to provide you with the most effective solutions to keep your environments odor free and smelling fresh. YOU have testified to us how completely and thoroughly STINK FREE products work, even when other name brands have failed. Stink Free products work for pets, people, smoking odor and all kinds of bad odors. Find us here or other fine stores all over the nation. You've got nothing to lose but the stink!