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Stink Free Instant Urine Odor Remover For Cats and Dogs

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Who else gets tired of having to get on their hands & knees to scrub urine odor out of carpets? Give your hands a rest with this Urine Odor Remover! Just apply & let dry. Watch the product work instantly to remove Urine Odor & leave a fresh, citrusy scent after. Don't go another day without it!

- Instantly eliminates pet urine odor
- No scrubbing - No blotting
- Works for all urine odors
- Completely safe for pets & people!

About The Manufacturer

Stink Free products have withstood the test of time. Our mission is to provide you with the most effective solutions to keep your environments odor free and smelling fresh. YOU have testified to us how completely and thoroughly STINK FREE products work, even when other name brands have failed. Stink Free products work for pets, people, smoking odor and all kinds of bad odors. Find us here or other fine stores all over the nation. You've got nothing to lose but the stink!


1.Use full strength - do not dilute.*
2.Check material for color fastness before applying. Do not use if material is not color-fast
3.COMPLETELY saturate the ENTIRE contaminated area and let it dry. DONE!

IMPORTANT! For thick materials, such as carpets, saturate an area wide than the surface stain. Urine is absorbed both horizontally and vertically, in a pyramid-like pattern, which makes the contaminated area below the surface larger than the surface stain. See illustration above.

*Do not use in a spray applicator on carpets, upholstery or other thick or absorbent materials. WHY? Because urine is a hot liquid that leaves your pet at over 190 degrees, and quickly spreads UNDERNEATH carpet and INTO upholstery. If you spray the surface, Stink Free Instantly Urine Odor Remover will not sufficiently reach and neutralize deep contamination. It is okay to spray hard surfaces with Stink Free Instantly Urine Odor Remover, just be sure the product reaches deep into cracks and crevices where the uyrine would have soaked in.

Do not allow Stink Free Instantly to STAND on fine wood, leather or other surfaces that could be damaged by a water-based product.