Bones & Chews


Redbarn Barky Bark Dog Chew Treat

$0.99 - $1.49

Redbarn Barky Bark Chews are natural, single-ingredient beef treats that your dog will love! Beef Esophagus is slow-roasted to create a unique, crunchy texture that helps to gently scrape plaque buildup from your dog’s teeth. Treat your dog,...


Redbarn Bully Stick Dog Chew Treat

$4.99 - $19.99

Redbarn Bully Sticks are highly digestible, high in protein and support dental health, so give your dogs a safe, natural and 100% beef treat that supports their dental health and gives them the protein they need to thrive! Grain and...


Redbarn Odor-Free Bully Stick Dog Chew Treat

$6.99 - $9.99

Redbarn’s No Odor Bully Sticks are a natural, single-ingredient dog chew. All of our Odor-Free Bully Sticks are hand selected from premium, free-range cattle. These go through our proprietary (and all natural) process to help eliminate the odor...


Redbarn Braided Bully Sticks Dog Chew Treat

$6.99 - $7.99

Redbarn Braided Bully Sticks are natural, single-ingredient chews made from grass-fed cattle. By braiding our bully sticks together, each all-beef chew is tough and long-lasting. Braided Bully sticks are highly palatable and a natural source of protein...


Redbarn Cow Ears Natural Dog Chew Treat


Redbarn Cow Ears are a natural, tasty treat for dogs. They have a thin, light texture and are a great alternative to high-calorie treats. Ears are made of cartilage and are a natural source of chondroitin which helps to support joint function. Grain...

Jones Natural Chews

Jones Woofermen Dog Chew Treat


Woofermen looks just like a gingerbread man. Our USA all-natural ground beef Woofermen is oven baked with no artificial ingredients. Woofermen are a great treat for all size dogs. All Jones’ products are 100% grown and made in the USA. About The...

Himalayan Pet Supply

Himalayan Churpi Cheese Dog Chew Treat

$10.99 - $21.99

Himalayan Dog Chews were born from an ancient recipe for a hard cheese snack chewed by the people of the Himalayas. In the mountains surrounding Mt. Everest, at more than 15,000 feet, it is made using traditional methods with yak and/or cow milk, and all...

Jones Natural Chews

Jones Chicken Feet Dog Chew Treat


  Jones’ Chicken Feet are a natural, baked, healthy treat with nails removed. Chicken Feet are high in protein with other numerous health qualities such as chondroitin and glucosamine, making this a treat you can feel good about giving to...


Redbarn Large Tendon Dog Chew Treat


Redbarn natural Beef Chews are high protein, low-fat treats that help to support your dog’s dental health! The natural angles of Redbarn Beef Tendons and tough texture help to gently scrape plaque buildup from their teeth. Grain and...


Redbarn Bully Ring Dog Chew Treat


For dogs who want to try something a little different, Redbarn Bully Stick Rings are the way to go! Made of 100 percent, natural beef pizzle, these delicious chews offer a fun challenge to keep dogs happy and busy for hours on end. The unique ring shape...

Nature's Own

Nature's Own Bully Stick Dog Chew Treat

$6.99 - $10.99

Best Buy Bones Bully Jumbo Sticks are USDA inspected and certified. It is all-natural, odor-free and comes from free-range, grass fed cattle. It also promotes healthy teeth and gums. All-Natural, Odor-Free And Comes From Free-Range, Grass Fed Cattle...


Redbarn Braided Esophagus Stick Dog Chew Treat

$3.99 - $5.99

Redbarn Braided Esophagus Sticks are tightly wound for an extended chewing time to create a fun and compelling shape that dogs will puzzle over. This single-ingredient beef chew, packed with protein and low in fat, is the perfect match for your toughest...


Redbarn Bully Springs Dog Chew Treat


Redbarn Bully Springs offer a challenge for your dog to keep them occupied throughout the day. Made of the same 100 percent natural beef pizzle as our regular straight bully sticks, these spiral shaped bully sticks add an element of fun into the chewing...

Smokehouse Pet

Smokehouse Pork Pizzle Twist Dog Chew Treat


Smokehouse Pork Pizzle Twist is a 100% natural chew that your dog will love. It has no added colorings, preservatives, chemicals, flavorings, grains or salt. Your dog will love the fun shape and at the same time it will exercise his teeth and gums in a...


Redbarn Meaty Bone for Dogs

$3.99 - $6.99

Redbarn’s traditional Meaty Bones are slow-roasted beef bones, cooked without any artificial processing. Each beef bone has a delicious, natural beef coating to help tempt picky eaters.  Long Lasting Helps Support Your Dog's Dental...