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Why Open Farm?

Open Farm is obsessed with doing some good for pets and the planet. From their meticulous sourcing methods to sustainably-focused packaging, they work to meet the most ethical and environmentally friendly standards. You might see similar ingredients in other products, but not necessarily with every step vetted from farm to bowl.

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Humanely Raised

Committed to only using ethically sourced meat and poultry

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Earth Conscious

Actively working to reduce environmental impact

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100% Traceable Ingredients

Every ingredient can be traced back to its source.

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Dry Food for Dogs

Made with sustainability, nutrition, and flavor in mind, Open Farm Dry Dog Food is a step up from kibbles of the past. Whether it's formulated with a plant base, humanely raised meats, or alternative protein, each of their dry food recipes is a nutrient-dense and low-carb option. Their dry recipes include formulas suitable for puppies, seniors, and dogs at all life stages.

Wet Foods for Dogs

Give your pups something delicious to chow down on that also helps them with their moisture intake! Open Farm Wet Food for Dogs has a stew-like texture that’s perfect for mixing with other foods or to serve on its own. These single- protein formulas are made with human-grade ingredients, are grain-free, and don’t contain potatoes.

Wet Meal Mixers for Dogs

Open Farm Wet Meal Mixers are high-protein stews that are made with wild-caught fish meeting Oceanwise standards. These mixers are rich in Omega 3 and can help add moisture into a dog’s diet. Unlike the other wet foods, the meal mixers are best served as a topper in conjunction with an existing diet, rather than as a compete and balanced meal.

Freeze-Dried Raw Foods for Dogs

With 85% meat protein, Open Farm Freeze-Dried Raw Foods are the perfect combination of meat, veggies, and fruits. These raw recipes utilize organic produce and superfoods like blueberries and squash to add antioxidants and aid digestion. Just pour a scoop into your dog’s bowl, add some water, and serve!

Dog Treats

Formulated with a single protein and wholesome ingredients, Open Farm’s Dehydrated Treats have a jerky-like texture that’s perfect for portioning. These treats are lightly cooked and dehydrated at a low temperature to retain flavor and ensure that ingredients maintain nutritional value.

Dry Food for Cats

Open Farm Dry Foods for Cats are low-carb and high meat—perfect for our obligate carnivore feline friends. Made without meat meals or rendered poultry, these formulas include functional ingredients like cranberries and dandelion greens to help promote UTI health. And by adding ingredients like pumpkin along with prebiotics, this kibble also supports good digestion!

Wet Foods for Cats

Made without artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, Open Farm Wet Food for Cats uses 100% human grade and traceable ingredients. All the meat proteins they use are welfare certified or wild-caught. These wet foods have a stew-like texture that makes them great for mixing with existing diets or on their own.

Kefir and Bone Broths

Open Farm Kefir and Bone Broths are a wonderful way to add more nutrition, palatability, and moisture into a cat or dog’s diet! Their lactose-free kefir is made with 100% grass-fed cow’s milk and is packed with vitamins and probiotics that support the immune system, bones, and skin and coat health. Collagen-rich and simmered with functional ingredients, their bone broths can be used to rehydrate freeze-dried recipes or as a topper with other foods.

The Open Farm Story

As an animal lover and a vegetarian, Jacqueline Prehogan found it difficult to find foods that were both nutritious for her three pugs and aligned with her own beliefs. Working with her husband Isaac and her brother-in-law Derek, she created Open Farm in 2014 as a way to rethink the way pet foods are manufactured. Not only did they want to make the best quality pet foods they could, but the three were also determined to do right by the planet and its animals. That’s why Open Farm only sources from humane family farms that treat their animals with respect, and why they are also actively trying to reduce their carbon footprint by 42% by 2030. And with their commitment to transparency, every ingredient in their products can be traced back to its origin by just entering the lot number on their website.

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